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UPGRADING to current NRC Standards

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Select_HorseR48x481Instant Feed-Horse-Nutrition Analysis Module based on the National Research Council’s Nutrient Requirements Of Horses. (included in Equus-RX Pro and Equine Nutrition Wizard software)
(You can customize the analysis to fit the horses age, activity level and more.)

Learn how supplement choices can help you with your horses nutrition and save horse breeds


horse nutrition markHorse Conditioning Program Module includes: preliminary, developmental and advanced. Know exactly what the horse needs to enhance his performance and health. It’s complete and modifiable. (included in Equus-RX Pro software only)

Learn how we can help  with a complete horse conditioning program


Horse_Information48x481Basic horse care (health history, reproduction and tasks module) includes: worming/parasitres, hoof-care, vaccinations, dental, medical, reproductive history  that’s completely trackable  (included in Equus-RX Pro software only)

Learn how we can help  with equine health tracking solutions and track the
horses health history including horse nutrition


horse nutrition markEquine health tracking (care and maintenance module) includes: general information, owner information, professional information and a feed schedule that’s completely trackable.
(included in Equus-RX Pro and Equine Nutrition Wizard software)

Learn how we can help  track the horses care and maintenance


Horse Care  
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 UPGRADING to current NRC Standards

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